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My name is Allen. I've been in the car industry for over 20+ years. I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. I moved to the USA originally to sell laptops oversees and eventually got a foot in to car selling. I started off as a salesman then became a financial manager at other lots. After some years of Experience I opened my own car lot. "American Dream" come true huh :) I've been at multiple car dealerships throughout my car selling experience and combined everything I've learned to create DRIVETREND where we sell reliable cars to anybody without discriminating. Starting off I only wanted to do financing as I personally have a bachelors degree in Financing but I ended up offering buy here pay here as well where everybody can have a chance at buying cars and not be able to get in to the driver seat of one my cars because of their credit score...

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My name is Batu and I'm 23 years old. I've been at DRIVETREND for 2 years. I'm enlisted in the ARMY NATIONAL GUARD for 6 years and 4 more to go. I grew up in Turkey and moved to the US when I was in middle school. I always loved cars and prior to this business I owned my own construction company.

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My name is Robert but they call me Paito. I have been detailing cars for over 20 years, it don't get better then me! I've been working for DRIVETREND for 8 years. I am from Puerto Rico and been living in USA for 25 years.

I've been in car business for well over 30 years. GO TOYOTA's!!!!!